Publicaciones 2015


Movement decisions in natural catastrophes: how a flying scavenger deals with a volcanic eruption

Pablo A.E. Alarcón, Sergio A. Lambertucci, José A. Donázar, Fernando Hiraldo, José A. Sánchez-Zapata, Guillermo Blanco,Juan M. Morales


Emerging Ecosystems Change the Spatial Distribution of Top Carnivores Even in Poorly Populated Areas

Facundo Barbar, Victoria Werenkraut, Juan Manuel Morales, Sergio Agustín Lambertucci

Human-wildlife conflicts in a crowded airspace

 How can the ecological consequences of the increasing use of airspace by humans be minimized?

Sergio A. Lambertucci, Emily L. C. Shepard, Rory P. Wilson


Contaminants in the southern tip of South America: Analysis of orga- nochlorine compounds in feathers of avian scavengers from Argenti- nean Patagonia

E. Martínez-López, S.Espín, F.Barbar, S.A.Lambertucci, P.Gómez-Ramírez, AJ. García-Fernández


Rock outcrops as potential biodiversity refugia under climate change in North Patagonia

Karina L. Spezialea, Cecilia Ezcurrab


Native species as goods

Karina L. Speziale, Sergio A. Lambertucci, Cintia P. Souto, Fernando Hiraldo


Can accelerometry be used to distinguish between flight types in soaring birds?

H. J. Williams1, E. L. C. Shepard, O. Duriez, S. A. Lambertucci