Publicaciones 2011

Protecting Invaders for Profit

Sergio A. Lambertucci, Karina L. Speziale


Widening the problem of lead poisoning to a South-American top scavenger: Lead concentrations in feathers of wild Andean condors

Sergio A. Lambertucci, José Antonio Donázar, Antonio Delgado Huertas, Begoña Jiménez, Mónica Sáez, José Antonio Sanchez-Zapata, Fernando Hiraldo


Energy Beyond Food: Foraging Theory Informs Time Spent in Thermals by a Large Soaring Bird

Emily L. C. Shepard1, Sergio A. Lambertucci, Diego Vallmitjana, Rory P. Wilson


Patterns of alien plant invasions in northwestern Patagonia, Argentina

K.L. Speziale, C. Ezcurra