Publicaciones 2010

Noninvasive estimation of minimum population sizes and variability of the mayor histocompatibility complex in the  andean condor

Miguel Alcaide, Luis Cadahía, Sergio A. Lambertucci, Juan J. Negro


Winners and losers in human-made habitats: interspecific competition outcomes in two Neotropical vultures

M. Carrete, S. A. Lambertucci, K. Speziale, O. Ceballos, A. Travaini, M. Delibes, F. Hiraldo, J. A. Donázar


Size and spatio-temporal variations of the Andean condor Vultur gryphus population in north-west Patagonia, Argentina: communal roosts and conservation

Sergio A. Lambertucci


Poisoning People and Wildlife with Lead Ammunition: Time to Stop

Sergio A. Lambertucci, José A. Donázar, Fernando Hiraldo


Plant species richness–environment relationships across the Subantarctic–Patagonian transition zone

Karina Lilian Speziale, Adriana Ruggiero, Cecilia Ezcurra


El picaflor gigante (Patagona gigas) en la provincia de Río Negro

Karina L. Speziale, Sergio A. Lambertucci


A call for action to curb invasive species in South America

Karina Speziale, Sergio Lambertucci